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Guild ANTIQUE it is a recently formed guild, and the name is not related to the age of players (funny, many ask that) but to the value of things that last in time, which means they have a certain quality since they achieve the status to be called antique, and this things does not have to be material things only, mentioning experience gained (not necesarily in this game) which makes people do any new things in a better if not even best possible and faster way than others!

We are looking for more players to join our guild to try it, to find out if our way of playing the game meets your needs! We know people are looking always for best guilds to join but there is not always spots for all, and more important the ambience in a guild can be not pleasant for most of the players, due to the constant pressure for new achivements and demands to members to make guild able to achive more and faster, and many times the way of seeing things by "leadership" is not always agreable for all, as for "best guild" it is relative, since guilds are based on players, and reflects the quality of the players in the guild, and there in a game like this the fight for the "title" is always open and we look mostly for people who like to try to achive that with contribution in different ways, not taking it by granted by joining an already good (for the moment) guild and the recruitment of wrong low quality people can lead those guilds to loose their status and even to extinction! 

Our purpose it is to achieve more, but in a more relaxed manner, trying to be openminded to members needs and posibility of doing things, being more understanding in different situations, playing casual and helping as much as we can our members, the fun of playing the game by all members being our priority, and trying to figure which of the existing members will fit for the core team, and that can be done only by comunicating with eachother ingame or on forums to try to adjust the posible diferences between us and gain in time glory  :)!

If you think this sounds attractive for you, look at the right of this post and you will see a Recruiting widget! Apply there to sign up on site, and search ingame for an officer to get you invited to guild also!

Best regards

P.S. Our officers are Luana, Xstreams
, Drwho, Omnimushu, Arthenus, Demolution
What are we looking for!
We are looking for any level and any archetype to join since our target is the quality of the person who controls the character not the level or stats of the character at this point, which does not reflect the quality of the player!
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